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they have powers like the ones there parents have say athena is wisdom a kid of athena will have wisdom

Another Replier: This is true but to really understand it you need to take it a bit further. This is a list of the most important gods and goddesses (16 of them), their cabins, and their childrens' powers as demigods.

Cabin 1: Zeus. Summon thunder, lightning, winds, and normally are control freaks due to the fact that their dad is the King of the Gods. Cabin 2: Hera. She does not have any demigods. Cabin 3: Poseidon. Summon water (specifically saltwater), breathe underwater, communicate to animals such as horses, pegasi, giraffes, and zebras, slight resistance to fire (they are water), they are naturals at seafaring determinations: coordinates, knots, etc. Cabin 4: Demeter. Control plants, cause plants to grow, anything with plants. Cabin 5: Ares. Terrific fighters, even if they are aggressive and pushy. Cabin 6: Athena. Amazing at school, history, and anything that uses the brain. They are often know-it-alls and suffer from hubris (too much pride) and arachnophobia (fear of arachnids). Cabin 7: Apollo. Great at basketball, archery, and healing, and can look upon Apollo's Sun Chariot in its glorified form without burning to ashes. Cabin 8: Artemis. She does not have any demigods. Cabin 9: Hephaestus. They can build practically anything, are great with technology and machinery, can repair any machine or piece of technology, and have very large muscles from working in the forge all day. And every four hundred years or so, a demigod of Hephaestus is born with a power over fire; they can summon fire and resist fire. Leo Valdez and Thomas Faynor has/had this power. Cabin 10: Aphrodite. Power over makeup, jewelry, and tend to have good looks along with being able to match anyone up with someone and are good at determining if something looks good on someone. But they are not good fighters at all, with the exception of Piper McLean. Cabin 11: Hermes. Great at running, sports, are normally physically fit. They also have a tendency to execute pranks. Cabin 12: Dionysus. Grow vine plants and grape plants with great speed, can drive anyone insane with a snap of their fingers, can summon grape vines to strangle foes (read The Titan's Curse novel) Cabin 13: Hades. Can summon the dead, command the dead, and summon black fire. Occasionally they can manipulate the ground. Cabin 14: Iris. They are great with pegasi and can manipulate light segments to shoot rainbow-colored blasts of energy. Cabin 15: Hypnos. They can manipulate dreams, cause others to go into a deep sleep, wipe out a person's memories completely, can return a person's memories, see things in dreams like the gods, interpret dreams, and the children individually radiate a very, very strong aura that makes those around them, even gods and animals, extremely sleepy to the extent where they fall into a deep sleep. Cabin 16: Hecate. Her children can perform magic (sorcery); levitation, transforming, shape-shifting, energy-summoning, etc. I really hope this helps; this is quite a lot of information! :)

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