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Just to tell you, the 'Minor Gods' are not 'Minor Gods' at all. They are called the Throneless Gods, as they have no thrones, but should definitely never be labeled as 'Minor Gods' because they are not. Originally, before the Titan War, they would be sent to Cabin Eleven and remain there, as there was no Throneless God cabin to be claimed into. But when Percy Jackson became a hero for winning the Titan War, the gods offered him a wish, and Percy's was that no Throneless God demigod would be tossed carelessly into Cabin Eleven; they would be claimed and trained in their own cabins. Thus, the Throneless Gods' cabins were made; Iris Cabin, Hypnos Cabin, Hecate Cabin, and even Hades Cabin, who did not have a cabin at Camp Half-Blood. The Throneless Gods would have crushed Olympus in the Titan War, except that Percy discovered this truth and used it to turn Ethan Nakamura, son of Nemesis, so that it was Percy, Annabeth, Grover, and Ethan versus Kronos. (Sadly, Ethan was killed by Kronos.) So, now, there is no more Pact of the Big Three and shunning of the Throneless Gods, as they have their own cabins now. I suggest you read The Lost Hero. Hope this helped! (The reason I am so strict about the Throneless Gods is because I am the new head counselor of Cabin Fifteen; the other one, Clovis, stepped down for two reasons: one, he wanted more time to sleep instead of tending to the head counselor duties, and two, I would do a better job because I am more active and will bring the name of Cabin Fifteen to respect!)

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